Cone Weaving Exercises

Cone Weaving Exercises

Set up 5 cones in a straight line with as much space between them according to your riders' abilities and gaits ridden, per team if playing with teams. One at a time, have each rider weave the cones up at a walk and weave back at a walk.


Trot past the cones, and walk weave them back.

Weave the cones both ways at a trot.

Trot or canter past the cones and loop the cones back to home.

Trot or canter up past the cones and circle around the last cone 1 time before riding back home.

Complete any of the patterns with reins in one hand.

Give each team a crop or stick to be passed between riders before their turn.

Cone Weaving Race

Divide riders into two groups. If different riding levels, spread out the more experienced riders into both teams. Have riders line up on one side of the arena, facing the opposite side. Have each individual team come up with a team name and a team order. If an uneven number of riders on one team, have one person go twice.

Use a pole or cones as the start line for each team to line up behind. Use a whistle or a loud “Ready Set Go!” command at the start. One rider from each team completes the exercise and then rides past the finish line for the next team member to get started. Team whose riders finish first wins.

Note: You need just a minimum of two riders for teams as you can have one rider on each team.

Individuals can also play the game by being timed and seeing if they can beat their best time or doing the exercise just for fun!

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