First Aid Demonstrations

Make up "pretend" first-aid scenarios and use your school horses to show campers how to:

- how to clean a real (or pretend) wound

- how to wrap a horse's hoof for an abscess

- how to give a horse an IM or IV injection (pretend and use a syringe without a needle to show the correct injection sites) 

- how to deal with rainrot. bleaching all brushes and putting on medicine on the scabs

- how to sweat a leg with furazone, DMSO, saran wrap, and vet wrap. Show how important it is to wear gloves when applying the sweat and how to properly wrap the leg.

- how to deworm a horse/give oral medication to a horse. Use an old dewormer or an oral syringe filled with water or even applesauce.

- show them actual cuts, bite marks, and scrapes on horses. Show them what kind of first aid product to use and when the vet should be called out (not for a little scrape of course!)

- signs of good health in horses and how to recognize basic illnesses. 

- signs of colic.

- using a stethoscope, campers can listen to normal gut sounds and the horse's heart.

- capillary refill of the gums and normal gum colors.

- bandage horses legs by bandaging each other's legs first.

- learn to tell if a horse is lame and how to determine which leg

- learn how to locate lameness (heat, pain, swelling)

Have the campers assist in helping you with these real or pretend scenarios! 

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