Customizable Riding Lesson Plans & Summer Camp Curriculum for Riding Instructors and Barn Managers

We are the largest online resource of riding lesson plans and summer camp curriculum! 

All of our lesson plans and exercises are customizable to suit your riders' levels. Our lesson plans work for group and private lessons. For kids as well as adult riders.

We have members from all over the world who ride and teach many different disciplines. From hunter/jumpers to western to saddleseat, we have lesson plans that will suit every discipline.

Benefits of Membership

Joining our membership program to gain access to our riding lesson plans and summer camp lesson plans has many benefits for instructors and barn managers:

Prevents lesson horse burnout

Our lesson plans keep your school horses interested in working as they are not mindlessly riding around the rail.

Higher customer rentention

Our lesson plans keep riders motivated - nothing is more boring than riding a bunch of circles around the rail every lesson! 

A huge time saver

Think about the hours (and therefore money!) you will save by not spending hours researching and thinking of lesson plans or summer camp ideas on your own! You'll have more time for the things you want to do - such as riding your own horses or spending more time with family!

Refresh your program

We know your lesson program rocks already, but it doesn't hurt for some new ideas to keep your riders and school horses loving what they do even more!

A few of our lesson plans...

Counting Strides on a Circle
Bow Tie Exercise

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