“L” Pole Chute

Set up four poles as seen in the above diagram. If needed, spread the poles out to make a wider "L" for less advanced riders. 

Practice walking and trotting through the chute, without touching the poles. The closer together the poles, the harder the exercise is. You can start out by have the poles spread out and move them in as riders progress.


- Back up horses through the “L” without touching the sides of the poles

- Shrinking chute game: Can be played individually or in a group. Riders will walk or trot through the “L” without touching the sides. Each time the rider goes through, make the “L” smaller by moving the poles closer together. Anyone who touches the pole sides are out. Last rider who doesn't touch the sides wins.

- Sidepass over the L poles.

- If you spread the poles out far enough from each other and angle them for a much wider turn, you can do the exercise at a canter.

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