Increasing Stability Around a Circle or Corner with Seat Aid


To teach a rider how to properly ride a corner with their seat bones, without causing the horse to lean into the turn. Riders must learn how to balance on the back of the horse while turning and not lean into the turn.

It's important that a horse does not lean into a turn as they can lose their footing and fall.  A horse that leans into a turn may just need proper schooling or may also be a result of a rider leaning in too. 

Check that your rider is not dropping a shoulder, elbows are evenly at their side, and their head is straight. All of these will affect and cause a horse to lean into a turn.  


  • To prevent the horse and rider from leaning into a turn or corner the rider must sit vertical while thinking about stepping into the outside stirrup. It is very important they do not lean into the outside stirrup as this will unbalance the horse.  
  • Outside seat bone should have more weight in it with outside leg slightly back from hip to encourage the horse not to swing the hind quarters out.  
  • Inside seat bone should be forward and light. Inside leg should be long and support the horse's side at the girth. 
  • Inside hand should be held up to emphasize an upward inclination and to flex the horse inwards. 

Using the latter instructions, practice riding the corners of the arena in both directions. Also practice larger circles and then moving to smaller circles. Use the arena letters, cones, poles, mounting block, etc as a focal point for your circles.

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