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Get access to our members' only online library of customizable riding lesson plans, unmounted curriculum, and summer camp curriculum! We are the LARGEST resource of lesson plans and summer camp curriculum on the internet or published.

All of our lesson plans and exercises are customizable to suit your riders' levels. Our lesson plans work for group and private lessons. For kids as well as adult riders.

We have thousands of members from all over the world who ride and teach many different disciplines. From hunter/jumpers to western to saddleseat, we have lesson plans that will suit every discipline.

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Here's a peek at the main categories in our library:

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Riding Skills & Exercises

A huge compilation of riding exercises and skills including general exercises, warm ups, halt specific exercises, walk exercises, trot/jog exercises, canter/lope exercises, and lateral exercises.

Examples of exercises:
  • Transitions down the centerline

  • A relaxing warm-up for the anxious rider

  • Long side/short side arena transitions

  • Counting strides on a 20m circle

  • Rider exercises to improve the seat, hands, legs, shoulders, hips, etc

  • Warm up stretches

  • Lunging exercises

  • Tips to help a rider who cannot grasp posting

  • How to use seat/weight aids correctly

And many more! Click here to view 15+ free lesson plans so you can see some of what we offer...

Games & Activities

100+ games and activities for riders of ALL ages. Most games can be played individually or in pairs/groups as well as catering to all levels of riders. These games help develop your rider's skills.

Examples of games:
  • Horse treat scavenger hunt
  • Follow the leader jump course
  • Obstacle courses
  • Break your gait and out
  • Musical freestyle
  • Drill team exercises
  • The halting game
and so much more! We also have a list of games/activities geared towards young riders. Let's face it, kids are bored easily especially just riding around endless circles. I guarantee your young riders will have a blast with the exercises we have prepared for you!

Jumping & Groundpole Exercises

Our jumping and ground pole exercises are geared towards riders of ALL levels and riders of all disciplines – even western or dressage! Every exercise allows you to customize jump height: ground poles or cross rails to verticals. Most exercises require 1 to 4 poles. This allows for easy setup and break down especially if space as an issue too. The pole/jumping exercises focus on transitions, speed control, collection, and more! 

Examples of exercises: (Remember, all can be set up as ground poles or jumps)
  • Collected walk over poles

  • Zig zag poles

  • Figure 8 between two poles

  • Finding your lead over ground poles

  • Counting strides between two poles

And much more!

Pre-made Lesson Plans

   We have developed pre-made lesson plans that will more than cover any one hour private or group lesson. These lesson plans are tried and true and have been used many times over the years. Use them as a guide and tweak to suit your student's needs.

Example of just ONE of our MANY pre-made lesson plans:
The following is a lesson plan meant to be used as an outline. You can adjust this lesson plan as much as necessary to suit your riders and horses levels. Feel free to add or omit anything from a lesson plan:
  • Mount rider(s) on horses. Riders should mount gracefully without kicking the horse in the hindquarters and making sure their horse stands still without walking off until instructed to do so.
  • Around the rail, practice shortening and lengthening the walk both directions. Shorten the walk on the short sides of the arena and lengthen the walk on the long sides.
  • Shortening and lengthening the trot both directions.
  • Canter circles – Ride one large circle in one end of the arena and then a smaller circle, continuously. Then switch directions.
  • Practice canter transitions from the walk and then the halt. Try improving transitions with little or no trot steps in between.
  • Four Poles Figure 8 Exercise:
  • Cool down horse at the walk for a few laps and dismount

Therapy Lesson Plans

 Lesson plans geared towards riders of all ages to achieve physical, occupational, developmental, and speech goals.

Rider Fitness

Exercises for riders out of the saddle to improve their skills in the saddle.

Unmounted Lesson Plans aka Horsemanship/Horse Care

Everything you need to teach your students on the ground. Lesson plans include games, worksheets, and activities for the following topics:

    The horse’s senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, sense danger and peoples’ moods.The horse’s instincts – herd animals, pecking order, follow the leader, routine, naturally excitable, courage and laziness, etc.How a horse communicates – body language of ears, legs, tail, head, hindquarters, vocalizing, moving, etc.Types of grooming tools.Types of bridles.Types of bits.Types of saddles.Types of extra equipment such as boots, martingales, pads, etc..Types of riding styles.Parts of the horse.Parts of the bridle. Take one apart and put it back together.Parts of the saddle.Horse colors and markings. Go out to the pasture and have them identify the different ones!Horse feed (show the different kinds, have them help feed the horses). Horse stabling – stalls, pastures, bedding, cleaning, safety, etc. Horse showing (hold a mock show in the arena on foot – it can help to practice on foot before in the saddle).How to do an emergency dismount, perhaps off a low barrel with feet into pillows.A horse’s vital signs.How to tell a horse is not feeling well.Horse first aid.Horse parasites and deworming. Show them how to deworm, even have them help!Horse diseases and prevention.Horse’s teeth care – floating. Have a vet come out and let them watch.How to tell a horse is lame. If a horse turns up lame one day use it as an example.How to tell a horse’s age.How to measure a horse’s height and weight.The gaits of the horse. Put different colored leg wraps on a horse and lunge it to demonstrate the gaits.How to train a horse – pressure and release, reward vs. punishment, consistency, etc.How to handle behavior problems – nipping, biting, kicking, bucking, spooking, etc.Horse shoeing (watch a farrier shoe a horse). 

Plus many more topics that are not on this list...

Summer Camp Curriculum

 Enough material for the ENTIRE summer (and more!). Yes, you won't have to think of another camp activity on your own! After successfully running a large summer riding camp program for many years, we have everything you need to keep campers HAPPY and ENTERTAINED every day in the summer! Kids will want to keep coming back to your camp week after week thanks to the fun but educational curriculum we have made for you. We will help you increase your revenue. The money we made from camp, helped to keep the farm running the REST of the year.
We have activities for beginners all the way through to your advanced riders!

Our curriculum consists of the following: (TONS of ideas that we promise you never have thought of before!)
  • 160+ worksheets that can be downloaded (and printed off) that correlate with the summer camp curriculum

  • Riding - lesson plans and worksheets on correct equitation, mounting/dismounting, proper warm ups, riding lesson journals, exploring the horse's gaits, making a conditioning plan, different tack, classroom activities about evening (and dressage, show jumping, fox hunting, western, and more),  and more

  • Horse Care - lesson plans, worksheets and activities on Grooming, bathing, clipping, safety/rules, horse ownership, blanketing, knot tying, proper feeding, horse behavior, and trailering

  • 50+ Other Games, Activities, & Crafts such as scavenger hunts, horseless horse shows, tie dye, horse bingo, design your own stable, campfire and more

  • In-hand/Groundwork - advanced groundwork skills, showmanship skills, in-hand games with horses, proper lunging, and much more

  • Tack - cleaning, identifying tack parts, how to properly fit tack, identifying good/bad quality tack, tack bingo, blindfold tack games, tons of tack worksheets and more

  • Conformation (identifying good conformation vs blemishes), Parts of the Horse, Terms, Height, Color, & Markings and more

  • Equine First Aid & Health - tons of activities and worksheets about deworming, proper wrapping, demonstrations, lameness, and more

  • Hooves and Shoeing

  • Stable Management

  • Pasture Management

  • Anatomy & Physiology

**Also includes access to games on horseback! Within each element are games, activities, worksheets, and camp lesson plans. Access to this summer camp curriculum is ALL you will EVER need to run your summer camp! Want to see some examples of our camp lesson plans? Click here for some fun ideas!

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I become a member and gain access to the riding lesson plans and/or summer camp curriculum?

    Click here to see what membership plans we offer. Click the "Buy Now" button under the membership plan you would like to purchase. Access to our database is granted instantly after purchase. You will receive an email with your login information (check your spam/junk folder if you do not find the e-mail right away). Then you can login to our database for access to our members' only database of lesson plans and summer camp curriculum.

    Do membership plans renew? Are there any hidden fees?

    All membership plans currently offer lifetime access and therefore do not renew. A membership with us is a one time fee, no hidden charges.

    How do I see the members' only lesson plan library?

    After you purchase a membership, you will receive an e-mail with your login information. Login here and it will instantly take you to our online database. 

    What if I want a printed/hard copy version of the lesson plans?

    Just copy and paste the lesson plans and exercises you want from our online database into a document and print out! This allows you to customize a lesson plan to suit your program. I also will copy and paste the lesson plans into the "Notes" in my phone as well.  Or take a screenshot of an exercise from your phone.

    Can I only access the lesson plans from a computer?

    You can access the lesson plans from anything that has an internet or wifi connection so a smartphone, computer, or tablet works.  

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