Free Riding Lesson Ideas

Here are some free riding lesson ideas for you to use in your program!

These are just a few of the many ideas we have in our members only lesson plan database!

The Rising Trot: Ground Exercise for Riders

How to practice the posting trot off the horse...

Bow Tie Exercise

Trot/canter transitions with help your horse lighten the forehand with this bow tie shaped exercise

Premade Lesson Plan #1

This is one of the many pre-made lesson plans we have created for you in our online lesson plan membership. 

Feel free to use parts of the following lesson plan and adjust for your horses and riders needs....

Counting Strides on a Circle

This exercise is great for all levels of riders and can be geared for beginners through advanced riders.  Use ground poles or jumps. Repeat the exercise both directions.

Mounted & Unmounted Exercises to Improve the Seat

Learn about the following mounted and unmounted exercises to improve your students' seats:

Unmounted Exercises: seatbone awareness and a pilates exercise 

Mounted Exercises: riding without stirrups, jockey seat, heel turns, and standing in stirrups.           

Horse Treat Scavenger Hunt

A super fun game to practice steering where riders will reach for horse treats placed throughout the arena on jump standards, fence posts, etc at a walk or trot. 

This game can be played individually or in pairs/teams!    

"L" Pole Chute

Set up four poles as seen in the above diagram. If needed, spread the poles out to make a wider "L" for less advanced riders. 

Practice walking and trotting through the chute, without touching the poles...

Increasing Stability Around a Circle or Corner with Seat Aid

To teach a rider how to properly ride a corner with their seat bones, without causing the horse to lean into the turn. Riders must learn how to balance on the back of the horse while turning and not lean into the turn...

Cone Weaving Exercises & Race

Set up 5 cones in a straight line with as much space between them according to your riders' abilities and gaits ridden, per team if playing with teams. One at a time, have each rider...

12 Leg Stability Exercises

Exercise One

Shorten stirrup length - like jockey style - to make students use their legs differently...

Barrel Dash - Ground Pole or Jump Version

Everyone knows the western game barrel dash where you race around one barrel and ride back to the start/finish line so we have made the English riding version! Use ground poles or a jump...

Cone Circling Exercise

Scatter several cones throughout the arena, off the wall. At a walk, riders circle around the cones. Focus on even circles with the cone being the midpoint of the circle and then...

8 Winter Riding Lesson Ideas

1. Try pas de deux! A pas de deux is a performance using two horses. The horses perform dressage movements, usually mirroring each other and accompanied by music...

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