Free Unmounted Lesson Plans Ideas

Here are some free unmounted lesson plans for use in your summer horse camp or lesson program. These are just a few of the many ideas we have in our members-only lesson plan and unmounted/summer camp database!

Safety Rules Skits & Charades

As you go over safety rules with campers, have the campers act out the rules. Instructors may need to assist in the skits to break the ice! The campers really enjoy this activity once you get them going - its a lot of laughs! This is also a nice activity to play in the shade in the afternoon when its too hot to do anything that requires a lot of moving around.

Wildlife & Plant Scavenger Hunt Trail Ride

Create a list of wildlife and plants/flowers in your area. Play a game with campers to see who can spot the most wildlife or plants on a trail ride. The trail ride can be through your (horseless) pastures, an actual trail, or just around your farm. 

What is on your list is dependent on your area. Here is an example of what we used....

In-hand Horse Games

Give campers the confidence they need to handle horses properly on the ground as well as challenging them with in-hand games. Campers will have a lot of fun playing these games with the horses. These games are great to tire the campers out and allow the horses a rest from riding.

First Aid Demonstrations

Make up "pretend" first-aid scenarios and use your school horses to show campers how to:

- how to clean a real (or pretend) wound

- how to wrap a horse's...

Make A Stable Management Video

Create a video starring campers and the school horses on stable management topic.

Topics that can be discussed in the video:

- Daily stable routine (Film clips of campers feeding breakfast, turn out, watering, mucking, etc)

- Tour...

What's Wrong Here? Pasture Management Game

One of the many fun games ideas we have for you to help teach campers about pasture management - its like an easter egg hunt but with items that don't belong in the pasture!

Blindfolded Item Identification Game

Campers will be split into teams, with one member from each team wearing a blindfold. They will each be given an item in which they must identify while blindfolded...

Safety Knot Tying Game

Place lead ropes around your the arena/pasture's fence posts, standards, etc. Show campers how to properly tie a safety release knot and then...

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