Wildlife/Plant Scavenger Hunt Trail Ride

Create a list of wildlife and plants/flowers in your area. Play a game with campers to see who can spot the most wildlife or plants on a trail ride. The trail ride can be through your (horseless) pastures, an actual trail, or just around your farm. 

What is on your list is dependent on your area.

Here is an example of what we used:

- Various birds like hawks, robins, cardinals, sparrows, geese

- Frogs

- Deer

- Squirrels

- Chipmunks 

Everything on your list can be worth "1 point" or the harder to find animals/plants can be worth more.  You can have the campers remember their points on an honor system or have an instructor write down points.

You can make the list as easy or as challenging as you wish according to your camper's ages. For younger campers, my list may look like this: deer, bird (any bird), duck, pink flower, a tree with a hole in it, etc

If needed, go over the plants used in this game with campers beforehand using pictures or an earlier lesson plan going over the local plants and if they are edible or dangerous to horses.

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