Safety Knot Tying Game

Place lead ropes around your the arena/pasture's fence posts, standards, etc. Show campers how to properly tie a safety release knot and then allow them to try it themselves with the lead ropes placed around your arena. Be sure to have counselors assist the kids as needed and the older kids who learn the knot can also help the younger ones.

Here is a youtube video on how to tie a quick release knot that you can use for reference if needed.

Once the campers have learned how to properly tie the knots, its time to play the Safety Knot Tying Game! Split the campers into teams with one (or more) lead rope(s) set up on the opposite side of the arena for each team. A member from each team will ride to their rope, dismount, and tie their quick release knot correctly and then undo the knot (for the next person). Someone should be on the ground to oversee and help riders if needed. After tying their knot, have the riders mount back up (or stay on the ground and lead their horse on foot) and ride back to their teams so the next team member can repeat the exercise! The team that has every rider complete the knot the fastest wins.

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