Blindfolded Item Identification Game

Split campers into teams or pairs. One person from each team/pair will wear a blindfold and be given an item that they must name without help from anyone else.

To answer, the blindfolded camper must raise their hand - first one to raise their hand will be called upon by the instructor. 1 point awarded to the team that gets the answer correct. Team with the most points wins.

Each camper will guess a few items before the blindfold is given to another team member.

Make sure the items used in the game are ones that the campers have learned about already.  Use items from your grooming box such as a curry comb, tail brush, hoof pick or from your tack room such as bridle, martingale, etc. More advanced campers for example can guess bits such as d-ring snaffle vs a french link loose ring. Or standing martingale vs. raised martingale. 

Get creative! The game can be used over and over again with new items each week to keep the game new and fresh.

More ideas...

There are many different games you can play with a blindfold and objects around the barn.

- Assemble/disassemble a saddle or bridle
- Identify different pieces of tack
- Scent or taste test: Use apples, carrots, molasses, sugar cubes, grain etc.

Note: You can also play blindfolded games using one of your safest horses (tacking up, untacking, identifying equine body parts), but use discretion and good judgment. Safety is most important!

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