Pre-made Lesson Plan – #1

This is one of the many pre-made lesson plans we have created for you in our online lesson plan subscription. 

Feel free to use parts of the following lesson plan and adjust for your horses and riders needs.

  • Mount riders on horses.
  • Walk one lap each direction.
  • Walk short sides, trot long sides.
  • Practice no stirrup trot.
  • Train game: Rider in front rides to the back of the ride at a walk, trot, or canter. Can also switch the routine and have the rider in the back ride to the front at a speed faster than the other riders.
  • Scatter as many or as few poles over the arena as you would like. Have each rider take turns with walking, then trotting over each pole one at a time, from any side.
  • Set up several cones around the inside track of the arena. Have each rider circle each cone they reach, turning to the right. Switch directions and have each rider circle around the each cone to the left.
  • Practice riding around the rail using no inside rein by dropping it or just having slack in it (Riders will have to focus on using inside leg and outside rein plus seat aids) at a walk. Try changes of direction, halting, and circles. If proficient, try at faster gaits.
  • Halt Game: Every time the instructor raises their hand, have each rider whoa their mount. Can be turned into a game where the first rider to halt on the instructor's command, wins. Can be done from a walk, trot, or canter. Encourage riders to whoa their mount using their seat aids and not pulling on their horse's face.
  • Include other trot, canter, etc work according to time and rider level.
  • Cool down horses by walking on a loose rein. Rider will stand up in stirrups to hep build their lower leg while allowing the horse to stretch down as they walk.
  • Dismount
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