What’s Wrong Here? Game – Pasture Management

One of the many fun games ideas we have for you to help teach campers about pasture management - its like an easter egg hunt but with items that don't belong in the pasture!

Hide items in a pasture free of horses; have the campers search and pick up the things that don’t belong and would be a danger to the horses such as halters on the ground, trash, baling twine, blankets, broken fence boards, etc. Stick as many items out in your paddock as you wish  - the more you have the busier it will keep the campers.  

Be sure to remember what you put in the pasture and how many items; make a list if you need to to ensure everything gets picked up. 

Make a game out of it - split the campers up into teams or pairs and the group that finds the most items win! 

After the campers collect the items, go over each item and explain why those items don't belong in the pasture. 

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